Zucchini Pizza

Zucchini Pizza 2 Zucchini Pizza

Two recipes for zucchini pizza with only one variation – the addition of garlic in one of them. This seems like a side dish, maybe in place of a bread or as the veggie to a meal. Have you made something like this? Tell us, please! Continue reading

Quick Lasagne

Quick LasagnaQuick Lasagna Back

Ah, lasagna, that layered pasta and meat casserole made of comfort and calories! This recipe is called Quick Lasagna, but I can’t see how it would be much quicker than “slow” lasagna, except maybe that the sauce is not simmered all day. These days, we open a jar of sauce and just use that. Prego! Not the brand, but the word that means “quick!” :-) Continue reading

Stuffed Manicotti

Stuffed ManicottiStuffed Manicotti Back

These manicotti are a cheese & veggie version, where I have made them with ground beef and/or Italian sausage in the past. They are going to be flavorful and delicious. Note that similar to Sicilian meatballs, the recipe calls for ground nutmeg. I always have to be really careful when cooking the manicotti shells. You don’t want to boil them to full softness as they can tear as you are removing from water and/or stuffing them. Al dente or even a little less is good, then you can use two forks, a butter knife or even chopsticks to remove them from the water. They will absorb additional liquid from the sauce poured over them while they are baking.

P.S. Today in America it is Mother’s Day, so HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to my readers (and especially my Mom!).

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Bouquet Garnie – Lamb or Pork

Bouquet Garni

When you want to season your dish but don’t want to have bits of herb remaining, a bouquet garni might be the way to go. Literally translated from the French as ‘garnished bouquet’ this little bundle of herbs is typically used in soups and sauces. Traditionally, the bouquet was bound with leek leaves, but the more modern method is to tie a bundle of herbs with kitchen string or butcher’s twine. You could also tie it in a teabag or coffee filter depending on what you are putting into it. In the two examples above, we have one bundle that could be tied and another that would need to be bound into something. Continue reading

Sweet N Sour Ribs

Sweet N Sour RibsSweet N Sour Ribs Back

According to the National Pork Board, country style ribs are pork back ribs cut from the sirloin, and are very meaty ribs. They can be served individually or as a rack to eat with knife and fork. My mouth is watering already, as I love love love barbecued ribs! This particular recipe calls for cooking in a slow cooker, but I suppose you could cook the ribs on the barbecue and use the sauce as a wet sauce. Slow cookers are making a resurgence as slow cooker/pressure cooker combos lately. I have an oval shaped slow cooker (we just call it a crock pot), which might be nice for something like this. I’d suggest trimming as much extra fat off as you can, otherwise you may find that your sauce becomes greasy. Whatever the shape of your slow cooker/crock pot, give it a try. It sounds delicious! Continue reading

Impossible Zucchini Quiche

Impossible Zucchini Quiche Impossible Zucchini Quiche Back

Here we go with another “impossible” recipe. I’m sure the motivation was to challenge home cooks to see if the recipe truly was impossible. Or maybe just being ironic. Was that a thing back then? Also, this lady must have grown or really loved zucchini, because there are countless preparations for it! In this case, I don’t think I would use Velveeta cheese, maybe swiss or even Romano mixed with the parmesan cheese. Continue reading


QuicheQuiche Back

Real men eat it and it’s yummy! I have always considered quiche to be a labor intensive dish, but it probably isn’t, honestly. With today’s methods, we can quickly grate cheese and shred meats. This particular recipe calls for canned meat, which is even easier if you are on a time budget. Using a premade pie shell, you can put together this quiche rather quickly and the most time will be spent on the baking of it. Enjoy! Continue reading