Poppy Seed Dressing

This isn’t a dressing I like personally, but I do remember when it became really popular in the late 70s or 80s. It was all my parent’s friends talked about for some reason. Also, I found that onion juice is some kind of hair tonic these days. I’m not sure if it’s food grade, so … Continue reading

Vinegar x oil dressing

  This basic recipe for a vinegar & oil salad dressing would be easy to make ahead and have ready to use when desired. I pre make all my salad dressing, especially a vinegar based type because the flavors blend over night and taste much more rich together. These days with good garlic powder and … Continue reading

Andy’s Blue Cheese Dressing

  Speaking of blue cheese dressing, here’s a recipe that makes quite a lot of dressing! I think the measurements could be cut, since a quart of dressing is enough for a LOT of salad. Unfortunately in my house, I’m the only one who likes blue cheese dressing. Bummer. I suspect this could be made … Continue reading

Mrs. Kate’s Salad Dressing

  Celery seed has a strong odor and flavor, that I have discovered is one I do not like. When I was a kid we went camping a lot, and often driving past the acres of farmland I would smell the celery growing. It was never a good smell for me. But I do like … Continue reading