Missouri (Diane Bolberchak)


Is it Missouri or Messouri? It sure looks like an E to me. Anyway, Missouri Casserole is a dish of layered potatoes, ground beef and onions. There are versions that include sliced peppers, green beans, and picante sauce in place of tomatoes or tomato sauce. Most of the recipes indicate that the potatoes should be sliced thin, as should the onions. While the method as written is a little incomplete, it does seem simple – layer beginning with potatoes, then meat, then onions, repeat for a second layer, the final layer being the tomatoes. I imagine the salt & pepper could be sprinkled on the potato or hamburger layers, as you prefer.

I tried this recipe with my family, so  here are some pictures and notes.


Here I have layered the sliced potatoes, ground beef and onions. I used Idaho gold potatoes, so no peeling. Lacking any direction, I didn’t brown the ground beef. It turned out fine, so you don’t have to do that, but there was a bit of fat in the dish that I siphoned off before serving. I also added on top of this layer some cheese. It seemed to enhance the flavor nicely.


It looks basically the same as when you put it in the oven! The tomatoes roasted nicely on top and added a sweet, rich flavor. I think if I make this again I might use tomato sauce. I forgot to add the salt & pepper before cooking but it really didn’t seem to matter. My family consensus is that it is a true “meat & potatoes” dish but wasn’t something spectacular. It was flavorful and filling, as well as easy to prepare.


Peel & slice 7 medium potatoes

3 large onions

1 1/2 lb hamburg

1 large can tomatoes

salt & pepper

Lay half potatoes in baking dish. Place 1/2 of meat & layer. Half of onions until all ingredients are used. With tomatoes make another layer. Keep lid on for 1 hour, the next half hour without lid.

Bake 350º 1 1/2 hour

Serves 6

3 thoughts on “Missouri (Diane Bolberchak)

  1. My mom made this when I grew up… Something her parents made her. I’ve been looking for a long time for this recipe! Thank you!!!


  2. I think I posted in the wrong spot. Diane, I have been making Missouri for years. My mom made it for my dad when they were first married in 1942. I thought they discovered it. They used canned tomato soup poured on top instead of tomatoes. Learn something new everyday.


  3. My Grandma used to make this all the time when I was little..as I’m sure her mom did for her, etc…this is basically the same recipe and tasted exactly how I remembered it. Thanks


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