Recipe Review: Blackberry Wine Cake

A while back, I posted the recipe for Blackberry Wine Cake, and at the time I thought it sounded interesting. Well, the other day I was in a baking mood, so determined to try this out. First, I went looking for a couple ingredients: blackberry wine and blackberry jello. The wine was the easy one. I found a small bottle at BevMo that was just slightly over the amount called for in the recipe. Perfect. Next, blackberry jello. I searched a couple grocery stores in my area, but it wasn’t in either one. Rats. After considering my schedule for the day and weighing the possibly fruitless searches at farther grocery stores, I decided to use a substitute flavor. While blackberry jello is still available, it must not be as popular in my area. Check with your local stores or order online.

Let's go

Let’s go

This is a very easy recipe because you are using a boxed cake. After mixing it, my batter was a weird gray color. I wonder if using the proper jello would have made it more purple. Anyway, I baked it the correct amount of time and let it cool in the pan upside down. After several hours, dinner was getting close and so I removed the pan. It must have needed to cool a bit longer because it cracked, boo.



We made the glaze next, which was simple as well. The cake has a strange texture on the outside, almost like a crust. The glaze tended to run right off and puddle on the plate.

Glazed cake

Glazed cake

I guess I expected it to be more like a drizzled icing. I suppose I could have cooled the glaze a bit more before pouring it on.

Enjoy a slice

Enjoy a slice

All in all it was an interesting flavor. Very fruity, not as sweet as I expected. The cake was very moist, which was pleasant. I gave it just a dollop of the whipped cream but it really wasn’t necessary. All in all, I don’t think I would make it again, but I don’t regret making it. It would be a different summer cake for a garden party or other get together.

8 thoughts on “Recipe Review: Blackberry Wine Cake

  1. Wonder what this would taste like with a chocolate cake mix. I haven’t looked at the recipe yet, but it does sound interesting…I too like the honesty of the results. Thank you


  2. Great recipe review! I make a type of frosting with lemon juice and powdered sugar. I don’t measure just keep adding Powdered Sugar until I get the right consistency…I bet it would work with wine as the liquid! I wonder too about using a chocolate cake mix..I don’t bake cakes much anymore. Two people cannot eat a whole cake:)


  3. When unable to get blackberry jello, I have used 1/4 cup blackberry jelly. Slowly melt jelly. I just found blackberry jello on line but it has not arrived. Couldn’t find blackberry jelly today; bought seedless blackberry jam!


  4. I do the pour on glaze while still in the pan. .Then do a thicker one when cool to make it pretty. I wish I could ad picture to this.


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