Bouquet Garni

A while back, I posted a recipe for a bouquet garni – basically a selection of herbs or spices, either tied or in a cheese cloth pouch. Since we have all new appliances that are significantly better than anything I have ever used in my life, I felt I needed to have a practice run on making a turkey before Thanksgiving next month. We did that yesterday, and I used a bouquet garni to season the bird with some amazing flavors.

I happened to have fresh sage and thyme, which I combined with garlic and shallots, then wrapped in cheese cloth and tucked into the cavity of the turkey before roasting. The flavors were subtle and enriched the meat with a beautiful flavor. This is a technique I highly recommend!

Here is the roasted bird with the bouquet garni peeking out. In the past I would put a regular white onion cut in quarters into the cavity, and while it did add flavor to the meat, it could be sharp if not a good onion. The shallots and garlic add a richness and the herbs temper that with sweet and savory aroma.

Our “Test-giving” dinner turned out great! I hope that as you begin thinking about your upcoming feasts, trying something new will open new flavor doors to you.

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