Sauerkraut & Tomato Casserole (good)

For me, this one would be a pass. I don’t love sauerkraut and I really don’t love tomatoes. BUT, someone might enjoy this. It seems a bit like a dish pulled together by looking at what was in the cupboard and getting creative. Maybe a Depression Era casserole to feed a hungry family. The note to use chicken fat or oil also hints at that – fats were saved because it was cheaper than buying oil or lard. The recipe is rather scant on instruction and also isn’t completely clear to me.

Sauerkraut & Tomato Casserole (good)

Wash sauerkraut – drain (1 can)

Saute onion in chicken fat or oil

Add 1 can stewed tomato, sauerkraut, brown sugar. Cook for few minutes. Place in casserole & bake 1/2 hour longer

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