Give us your input, please!

I’m always trying to think of ways to keep this site interesting for readers, but I’m just one person, so maybe I’m not thinking of everything. While I generally feature handwritten vintage recipes, I also have tons of vintage printed ones, for instance. I also have old photographs, books and stories, etc. I am a collector of vintage ephemera, for sure. With that in mind, I ask you readers to please give me your input, because I don’t really just do this site for ME, I do it for YOU too! Let me know in the poll below if you would be interested in occasional “other” vintage content, or if you would prefer Gram’s Recipe Box to remain dedicated to recipes and food.

Thanks!! I value your input and always strive to make this an interesting and informative site!

4 thoughts on “Give us your input, please!

  1. I like your site, but in particular I am looking for two things:

    1) The old recipes, in particular your notes when you make something for the first time pertaining to what did and did not work.

    2) For want of a better term, scary food. My friends and I have weekly informal potluck dinner parties. It’s a stretch to come up with something new (and in budget) each week. I *have* the book of early late 60s and early 70s aspics, but I haven’t quite had the guts to make them. Recipes along those lines along with notes about how they work in a more modern presentation are what I dig for in sites like yours.


    • I can only say that aspic sounds awful to me and I would hesitate as well. :-) I hope you’ve found something for your friends to try!


  2. I voted for all things retro, because that seems to be what other people really enjoy, but I enjoy seeing your post hit my inbox and drooling over the name of some long-ago food. Just printed out the pecan rolls recipe, and maybe I’ll make them for Easter breakfast. :)


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