Brandied Fruit

This is a progressive recipe, in that you make it over several weeks. I imagine that you would need quite a large jar to accommodate adding the fruit over time. The recipe also says to not refrigerate this, but I would at the bare minimum keep it stored in a cool place, like my garage in winter time, but that may be the anti-germ training of public school in the 70s. Also, note what is actually missing from the recipe….brandy!

Brandied Fruit

Stir once daily. It is ready to use after 6 weeks if you can wait that long.

Add 1 cup partially drained fruit and 1 cup granulated sugar on days indicated.

Always try to keep about 3 cups full in jar.

Start with 1 cup pineapple tidbits + 1 cup sugar.

2 weeks later add 1 cup marachino cherries + 1 cup sugar.

2 weeks later add 1 cup sliced peaches + 1 cup sugar.

2 weeks later continue from beginning. I like 1 can of crushed pineapple in place of tidbits once or twice.


But if you’re not using it fast enough and you want to stop it and not add any more for a while just put it in the refrigerator.

5 thoughts on “Brandied Fruit

  1. I’ll bet this is like a sourdough starter, there is a lot of fermentation going on. Adding brandy may be adding extra alcohol. Maybe that’s not a bad thing.



  2. My Grandma Green had a big old wide mouthed crock she called THE RUMTOFF jar. she did the same sort of recipe over all the weeks before christmas…was her own fruits int he order they ripened on the farm, and then continued with the stuff she canned. The jar was reaaly packed and really “ripe” on christmas eve and we had it over ice cream and white cake after we unwrapped our presents at her house…was about 40 of us packed into a farmhouse in dead of winter so you can immagine the merriment that we had after the rumtoff was eaten…lol!


    • Terri, I love your story. I’m the Site Manager for the LeDuc Historic Estate and we sell beautiful old ‘stuff’ in our gift shop. I would love to include your story with a jar that remind me of the Rumtoff my grandma used to make, although I don’t remember her calling it that. Would that be okay?


  3. I used to do the brandied fruit thing and had a wonderful recipe for a brandid fruit cake.
    it was wonderful don’t know which fruit to start out with though,and do you partially drain
    all the fruit you put in it


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