Rye Bread (I think)

This is a well worn, well loved recipe that I believe is for rye bread. That is a guess because of the use of rye flour, but if you know differently, please let me know! I love when a recipe is beaten up, stained, and obviously well used. It tells me that it’s a good one. … Continue reading

Enchilada Casserole

This is another microwave casserole I made during the dark days of no stove or oven during construction. I adapted it from a recipe that required baking, but I realized I could do it the easy way. I have made it with Fritos and gourmet tortilla chips, but I found regular old tortilla chips in … Continue reading

Easy Pizza Crust

Although there are no instructions here, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out it should all be combined. Once combined, however, the rest is up to you to figure out, I guess! My assumption is it is ready to use for making pizza. I might try this one. Sprinkle your pizza pan with cornmeal … Continue reading

Chicken Kiev

A fine article on the NPR website educated me on the origins of Chicken Kiev…not from Kiev, not made with garlic. Apparently this rather time consuming chicken cutlet originated in the culinary schools of Paris during the 19th century and was made with veal rather than chicken. When the Russian based students took the dish … Continue reading

Sweet Bread

This is the type of recipe that makes young people roll their eyes and say “duh” because they don’t realize cooking terminology has changed over the years. What they – and many people actually – don’t realize is that ovens didn’t always have a thermostat or different heat settings. In the early days of baking, a … Continue reading

Sweet Roll Dough

  This recipe for sweet roll dough doesn’t tell us what to do with it once it’s ready to be baked. Shall we take a guess? Break it into smaller roll sized portions and bake? If you have an idea, please share in the comments. Sweet Roll Dough 2 cakes yeast 1/4 c lukewarm water … Continue reading

German Prune Bread

I’m loving how much these recent recipes are challenging my knowledge! This is another recipe that sent me to Wikipedia and other recipe sites, but so far, I haven’t found anything entitled German Prune Bread recipe. I found some recipes for plum bread which indicate to let the loaves sit for 3 days before use. This particular … Continue reading