Broken Date Torte

The edge of this page was just destroyed and my scanner couldn’t detect it, unfortunately. I apologize for the left side being cut off. A quick search revealed many date torte recipes, but none that quite matched. Originally I thought this was a recipe for tarts, but the use of baking powder suggests a rise is needed in the baking. A torte makes much more sense than my original thought of tarts, honestly. Why would you bake tarts in two layers? Of course you wouldn’t, but a torte you would, and then layer the two cakes with whipped cream in between and on top. I am sometimes frustrated by the lack of descriptions in this recipe book, but more often fascinated by the mysteries and impressed by the cooks knowledge and confidence. She jotted this down knowing that at some point in her future – a year or twenty? – she would know how to make this just by the few notes. It is a talent and confidence we modern cooks often lack.

Broken Date Torte

3 eggs

1 cup flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

pinch salt

1 package dates, cut up

10¢ walnuts, chopped (try a cup)

Bake in two layers

Break and put whipped cream over

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