Cherry Chocolate Cake

From Fond du Lac, WI we have a newspaper clip with a recipe for Cherry Chocolate Cake. I can’t deny, the cherry chocolate combination is one of my favorites! There’s something about the sweet chocolate and fruity cherry that is just lovely. Unfortunately, the damage to this old book has destroyed one of the corners … Continue reading

Almond Cookies

Here’s a little corner of the page with a recipe for Almond Cookies. Note there is no method and no baking information. I will list my best guess below the ingredients and please add your own as a comment if you have a different method. Almond Cookies 1 1/2 c flour 1/2 tsp soda 1/2 … Continue reading

Mystery Potato Recipe

There’s no more information with this recipe, and I really have no idea what it would make. It sure looks like the title is “Potatoes” but then the ingredient list starts with butter & sugar. I’m reminded of a recipe I have for Mashed Potato Cream Eggs – which are actually chocolate coated candy for … Continue reading

Lazy Daisy Cake

There is an “old fashioned” way of writing a recipe and a “new” way. This is an example of the old fashioned way. It lists the ingredients inline with the instructions and you have to read it to identify what you need for the cake. I see this format in recipes written before 1910, although … Continue reading

More from Irene B: Methods of Cooking

For part one, menus, you can click here and here. Some of this seems so simple when you have been reading recipes your entire life, cooking or watching cooking shows, but for a girl in a trade school, this might not have been elementary. The worst assumption a teacher can make is that her students … Continue reading

Late for Lincon’s Luncheon

It always seems like when I plan ahead something comes up and I fall behind again! Here is the menu from Irene B. that I had planned to post for Lincoln’s Birthday, just a week late. I would imagine this to have been a more festive menu that the previous page of menus, of which … Continue reading


As teased recently, I am working on scanning a handwritten book from a girl’s trade school class, dated May 1921. The girl’s name was Irene B. and she had beautiful penmanship. We don’t put much thought into menus these days, do we? It seems like the only people who really consider what foods go together … Continue reading