Rye Bread (I think)

This is a well worn, well loved recipe that I believe is for rye bread. That is a guess because of the use of rye flour, but if you know differently, please let me know! I love when a recipe is beaten up, stained, and obviously well used. It tells me that it’s a good one. The ones I use the most are messy, too.

Unfortunately even though this is a much used recipe, the method is missing. And, since I’m not a bread maker, I can’t guess at it. Have an idea?

Rye Bread (Possibly)

1 qt very warm water

2 heaping table spoons lard

1 table spoon salt

4 table spoons sugar

4 table spoons molasses

4 cups medium rye flour

4 cups Post 40% bran flakes (these are still available in grocery stores)

2 dry yeasts (cakes)

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