Ginger Snaps

Where has the time gone!? I’m sure it was just a week ago I was going to take a breath before making some more posts. Really, how does the time go so fast anymore? Anyway, I’ve scanned tons of recipes from the Girl’s Trade School book and they all sound good. As I post them, you will see why it is so important for me to scan these recipes – the book is just falling apart, and as I touch the pages to scan them, sometimes pieces break off. Hopefully together we can make up any missing words!

Today’s recipe is a favorite of mine. Ginger Snaps can be enjoyed all year round, but I tend to associate them with autumn, just because of the spice used in them. This scan also includes Molasses Cookies. I make a version of this, but this recipe includes a mystery ingredient. Enjoy!

Ginger Snaps

1/4 lb butter in

1/4 lb fine flour, put

1/2 lb molasses

1/4 lb brown sugar

1 tbsp ginger

Mix together

Molasses Cookies

2 cups of molasses

2 cups sugar

2 cups butter

4 tsp olarcium ??

2 cups boiling water

4 tsp soda & flour enough to roll on board

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