Caramel Cake, and What To Do With Old Papers

I don’t think I can really do much with this recipe, sadly. The brittle page of the book just shattered and the yellowing of the paper combined with pencil writing makes it impossible to discern what is really on the page. So, instead of a recipe today, let’s talk a little bit about archiving. This … Continue reading

Ginger Snaps

Where has the time gone!? I’m sure it was just a week ago I was going to take a breath before making some more posts. Really, how does the time go so fast anymore?¬†Anyway, I’ve scanned tons of recipes from the Girl’s Trade School book and they all sound good. As I post them, you … Continue reading

An exciting find!

One way I find source material for this blog is to troll ebay and pray that some recipe collector doesn’t snipe the items I want. Recently I have bid on several handwritten recipe journals dating from the early 20th century and earlier. Most I either gave up on because the price was just too rich … Continue reading