Summer Sherbert

Several years ago I posted about Lemon Sherbert – at which time I learned it is sherbet, not sherbert lol. Today’s sherbet recipe is for a strawberry banana combination that includes orange juice. This would be a sweet and fruity concoction especially good for summer, as titled. I think it goes without saying to clean the strawberries. If you want your bananas to ripen without turning brown and sticky, you can hang them. I recently began using a fruit basket that has a banana hanger, and the peels don’t really turn brown. I believe they brown from being touched or banged around. If the bananas hang they aren’t laying on the counter or in a bowl, and therefore stay yellow. Just watch them so they don’t over ripen without you knowing it. You might be able to make this in a food processor, though I haven’t tried it.

Summer Sherbert

1 quart strawberries – mash

4 very ripe bananas – mash

1/2 cup sugar

1 cup orange juice

3 tablespoon lemon juice

Pour into ice cube trays. Freeze & serve into nice glasses

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