A new mystery

I am not completely sure what this is supposed to be, so we’ll put this out for comments and hopefully solve the mystery. I assume it consists of lime frozen concentrate and ice cream, maybe vanilla? What you do with these ingredients is part of the mystery. Have fun!


3 TB lime froze con.

2 scrops ice cr

2 c milk

gr. food color

7 thoughts on “A new mystery

  1. Should I mention it should be vanilla ice cream. It obviously is some kind of frozen desert. Or perhaps it is an after dinner “drink”. Instead of lime juice and green food color I use Creme de Menthe and put the whole thing in a blender/food processor. Then I put it in a stemmed glass and serve with a spoon. If it gets to “melty” you can then drink the rest of it. Actually I have a recipe just like the one I mentioned, Creme de Menthe Frappe – look in Mom’s Favorite page 94 for same.


  2. I happened by and was amazed to see this here. This is the recipe for a lime ice cream float.. My Grandmother’s recipe was almost exactly the same except she sometimes used gingerale for the limeadw(it could curdle the milk itgt I think sf not mixed correctly. Sometimes she’d even use light cream instead of milk. She used to make these all the time un the early to mid-60s when she hosted her Canasta parties. I remember sitting on the front porch eating these with a special set of long ice cream float spoons to keep the contenys stirred. I’m not 100%, but I think she got it from a friend who got it from a ladies’ magazines from the mid-40s or early 50s that were full of luncheon recipes post-WW II.

    When you make this, be sure to mix the milk(cream)/limeade/food coloring together and pour over the ice cream that was put first in a glass.


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