Chocolate Cake (Mrs Paden)

Day three of the chocolate cake recipes…are you feeling full yet?  :-) Again, I don’t know who Mrs Paden was, but assume a friend from church. This is an unusual recipe, calling for vinegar. Also, I’m not quite sure what she means about “alternate.” If I get around to trying it I will let you know. Unfortunately, my family is suffering from the quantity of baked goods lately, so I might have to cut back, or at least take most of the goodies to my office, give them to the neighbor, anything!

Chocolate Cake (Mrs Paden)

2 heaping tbsp Crisco –>

1 c sugar –>                           Mix together

1 egg –>

2 heaping tbsp cocoa –>

1 tsp soda

1 tbsp vinegar

1 1/2 c flour – salt – vanilla } alternate

1 c cold water }

Bake about 350

3 thoughts on “Chocolate Cake (Mrs Paden)

  1. I can’t remember Mrs. Paden (maybe sort of but not). Soda and vinegar mixed together makes the cake rise more (I think). Not enough vinegar to taste, so assume that was it’s role. As to “alternate” I think that was used more in the day before we have flour so well aerated that it helped blend the ingredients better. I would just dump the whole lot together and let the mixer do its work.


  2. Yes, baking soda and vinegar is what we mixed as kids to make a volcano I think. I didn’t know that flour was different now from then. Was it more clumpy?


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