Here’s an unnamed recipe for what I think might be catsup. Or possible a sauce of some kind. It’s written on the back of scrap paper from a letter or manual that came out of Boeing in Long Beach.  Reuse, recycle, after all! If you know what this is, please share in the comments.


1 can Campbells Tomato Soup

1 can oil

Teaspoon salt

Teaspoon paprica

3 cloves garlic

3 tablespoonfuls chopped onion

3/4 can vinegar


Do something with it and then enjoy it in some other fashion.


Also randomly in the recipe box was the card with neatly typed anniversary gift information. However, according to Hallmark they are not exactly correct. Hallmark says the first year is paper, second year is cotton, fourth is fruit or flowers…It must be one of those things that evolves over time. Also, the diamond anniversary was revised from 75th to 60th. I wonder if that has to do with people getting married later in life? In my opinion, every anniversary should be a diamond one lol.


One thought on “Catsup?

  1. No idea what the sauce is, but it sounds a tab blah to me. However, I do know a few of those anniversary ones are correct as I was just looking them up. Traditional vs Modern is debatable, but I think you’re correct that every anniversary is a diamond one.

    Side note: most “perfect” anniversary gift ever–for our 3rd, hubby gave me a leather #3 baseball cap. It was a Dale Earnhardt item and was a crackup and I still have it.


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