Dog Food (Dr Carter)

This is an interesting recipe with some feeding advice for vintage puppers. I used to make dog food when there was concern about contaminated food coming from China. My dog loved it because of course, it was ground beef! My blend was equal parts ground beef, brown rice and shredded carrots. Our doggo would stand right under my feet while I was cooking because he knew it was his food. Then he would pick out all the carrots because he didn’t like them lol.

Dog Food

1 lb ground meet or hamburger

1 pt water

Little salt. Cook until well done then stir in:

2 1/2 cups all bran or shredded wheat

2 1/2 cups ground dog biscuits (Champion, Milk Bone or Gains Meal)

Mix these together before stirring into meat.

Feed night and morning.

Small dog 1 cup twice a day.

Large dogs 3 or 4 cups as to size twice a day.

Medium dogs 2 cups twice a day.

Leave before dog 1/2 hour then take away until next feeding.

Large dogs 1 ounce to each 1 lb body weight.

Medium dogs 1/2 ounce to each 1 lb body weight.

Small dogs 1/3 ounce to each 1 lb body weight.

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