Potato Salad, and an apology

Potato Salad


I really have no excuse but a bit of overextension in my regular life, so I apologize for not posting the past few weeks. I’m going to be scanning a ton of great recipe cards over the next few days and should have some interesting recipes for your perusal on a more regular basis. I like the twice weekly postings on Sundays and Wednesdays, so I’ll likely go with that.

Now, potato salad. You can’t really mess it up. This seems like a typical traditional potato salad with a creamy dressing. It would be nice for a summer supper on the patio.

Potato Salad

3 T vinegar

6 potatoes cooked & diced

1 c chopped celery

1 med onion chopped

1 cucumber diced

3 hard eggs diced

1 1/2 t salt

1/4 t paprika


Pour vinegar over potatoes while hot. Cool. Combine with all other ingred. Makes 5-6 cups.

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