Sweet as a peach

Quite a while ago I posted this recipe for Peach Tart Pie, which had been one of my Gram’s recipes. At the time I commented that it would probably be a dessert that looked impressive but would be very easy. Well, passing through the market the other day I saw peaches…you know what happened next, right? I brought up the recipe (right there in the store) and realized it had very few ingredients: peaches, sugar, cornstarch, pie crust. Now, the real recipe does in fact have the ingredients for a pastry crust, but I freely admit I am all thumbs when it comes to pie crust, so I cheated and picked up a Pillsbury pre made.

Ready to make pie!

I wasn’t sure how many peaches would be needed so I bought several, and of course you never know which ones are going to ripen first. So, first I put the pie crust into the bottom of the pie plate and trimmed the edges. Next, I washed and halved the peaches. The first two were just the perfect ripeness and the pit was easy to remove. I peeled them with hardly any effort. The third peach was soft on the outside and hard as a rock on the inside. Ugh, that is so annoying! So I set that one aside and went on the another, until I had 8 halves.

The recipe indicates to save out 1/4 cup of the sugar/cornstarch mix and spread the remaining on the bottom of the pie. Then you place the peach halves cut side up onto the sugar. I was a little uncertain here if I was doing this right, but carried on all the same. There was a spot that looked too open, so I placed a 1/3 of a peach there intending that would be for my young daughter. Next I sprinkled the remaining sugar mixture on top of the peaches, and sprinkled on cinnamon.

All sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon

As I prepared to put this into the oven I realized that the recipe does not indicate how long to bake this for. Of course, Gram would have just known how long. I looked in my favorite cookbook and checked a few fruit pie recipes for their baking times. Finally, I settled on 20 minutes, then checking on the crust. I did not want to exceed 45 minutes, so when I checked the crust and it was not in bad shape, I put another 20 on the timer.

Once it came out of the oven it smelled so mouth watering delicious!

Where's the whipped cream?

The peaches for the most part held up, but the 1/3 piece broke down. The juice was pretty liquidy, which I attributed to it still being quite hot. Since it was late, we decided to wait until the following day for a taste test. I shared with my mom (Gramma A) that I had made this and she remembered it from her childhood. She said that the pre made crust is just fine, and that Gram would have cut this into wedges, giving each person one peach half. You can see that I have six nice looking halves, one mangled one and the 1/3, also mangled. If you used a smaller pie plate you could probably get away with six halves.

When I got home from visiting, I decided it was time to give Peach Tart Pie a whirl. The juices never set up for me, so either use more cornstarch, or bake it a bit longer to get the juices to thicken more. I put each piece in a bowl with a dash of whipped cream and it was heavenly! Even my husband, who infamously said peach tart was “not high on his list” asked for seconds. It is sweet with a fine finish and the cinnamon adds just the right spice.

7 thoughts on “Sweet as a peach

  1. It’s not the PRETTIEST pie I’ve ever seen, but it still sounds pretty tasty. Any ideas how I could fancy it up for presentation?


  2. I had thought it would be nice if the crust sort of “held” each peach half, sort of like making a cup of the crust then nestling the half in it. You could also make a very thin-strip lattice to go over the top and adjust the baking time for that. Or you could actually just cut the peaches into quarters and lay them inside as wedges. I don’t know what that is called but they make fruit tarts like that, the fancy pantsy ones. You would probably use more peaches for that.


  3. My memory may not be too good, but I sorta remember the peaches being upside down (not sure though). I also wonder if the pastry crust called for in the recipe would react differently than Mrs. Pillsbury’s crust and your juice might not be so liquidy. You might want to try a little more cornstarch or flour in the stuff your pour over the peaches.


  4. I would probably not like seeing all the open space around the peach halves so I would’ve probably sliced them and arranged them all fancy pantsy. I’m a glutton for punishment. I actually have an amazing caramelized gingersnap pear tart that has pear slices all fancy pantsy on top of a cream cheese laced with brandy base. Now I want that…

    I think more cornstarch would help and if the crust starts to get too done, just put a ring of foil around the edge while baking. I would guess that if you placed the peach halves cut side (pit side) down, that it would make it even juicier and you’d need additional cornstarch. I’m imagining the pit area containing some of the cooking juices, but who knows. Guess you’ll have to make the peach tart again…and save me a slice!


  5. One other comment that I just realized as I was looking back at the picture. You used a glass pie pan instead of a metal one. Believe it or not, shiny metal works much better for a fruit filling. I save my ceramic and glass dishes for cream or custard type pies. My apple pie (made in a shiny metal pan) is a thing of beauty, but when I’ve done it in a deeper ceramic dish…well, let’s just say Martha Stewart-esque it was not.


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