Spice Cake

I know I have posted various spice cake recipes in the past, and here is another. As previously stated, I like spice cake because it isn’t the same ol’ chocolate cake. With a cream cheese or vanilla buttercream icing this would be a pleasant treat. Of course this recipe, like so many vintage recipes, assumes the baker will know how to cook this cake. So, combine all the ingredients, pour into a cake pan or loaf pan that has been sprayed with non-stick spray with flour in it, then bake at 350 for 30-45 minutes. Start checking for doneness at 30 min, it will depend on the shape of pan you use. Then….enjoy!

Spice Cake

1 c. brown sugar, 1/2 c. shortening, 1 egg, 1 teas each cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg & ginger, 1 teas soda dissolved in 1 c. sour milk, 1/2 c. molasses, 1 teas baking powder in with about 2 c. flour, 1 c. nuts, 1 c. raisins

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