Hot Fruit

Okay, this could be one of those desserts that is insanely good or really odd and awful. The presence of quantro has it leaning toward the good side. I also think it might be good to use fresh pineapple when possible, and it might also be good with fresh peaches.

Hot Fruit

1 large can peach halves, cut in half

1 large can pineapple chunks

1 large can prune plums

1 pkg frozen raspberries (do not drain)

1 banana sliced

1/2 cup quantro

Drain peaches, pineapple and prune plums well. Add raspberries and quantro (or triple sec). Sprinkle macaroon crumbs on top. Bake 1/2 hr covered and 1/2 hr uncovered at 350°. If you cannot find macaroon cookies used crumbled cocoanut cookies and a little almond flavoring.

2 thoughts on “Hot Fruit

  1. Sometimes fresh pineapple, NOT peaches though, can do harm to a dish, especially jello. There is an enzyme in it that prevents things from gelling. It might be OK to use fresh in this as it sounds like a rhubarb or apple sauce consistency. It does sound GOOD!


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