Easter Cheese Paska (Barns)

Mary Barns recipe for paska

Mary Barns recipe for paska

This Easter cheese paska is interesting, I’m really intrigued. Can anyone share with us what it tastes like? What is the consistency? A friend told me it’s like a cheese spread. What do you put it on?

Easter Cheese Paska (Barns)

3/4 lb sweet butter

4 hard boiled egg yolks

2 1/2 lbs cream cheese

1 c sugar

2 t vanilla

1/2 pint whipping cream (whipped)

1/4 c finely chopped almonds

Bring butter & cheese to room temperature. Cream butter & sieved hard boiled egg yolks (I put mine through a fine strainer). Add cream cheese, gradually add sugar and vanilla. Whip cream and fold into first mixture. Add chopped almonds. Candied fruit may be added if desired. Place in mold or flower pot lined with cheesecloth. Place heavy object on top of mold to press out excess liquid. Chill in refrigerator with weight on overnight. Unmold and serve with Kulich or any fruit salad.

2 thoughts on “Easter Cheese Paska (Barns)

  1. This traditional dessert tastes like cheesecake but not quite as sweet. It is a firm, yet spreadable consistency. It is put in a special mold called a Pashka Mold lined with cheesecloth. Otherwise you can use a clean terracotta pot you have lined with cheesecloth. You must have a drain hole in the bottom as the cheese will settle and thicken and water will come out. With a Pashka mold, you actually put a weight on the top to help compress the cheese so that would be a good idea with the terracotta pot as well. You serve it with a traditional Easter Bread called Kulich (pronounced “koo-lik”. You spread it on slices of the Kulich bread. Kulich is traditionally a tall cylindrical shape so you can bake it in a coffee can. It is like the Pannetone Bread you find in the stores at Christmas time, but it is also iced with a powdered sugar glaze. You can use Pannetone as a substitute.


  2. Spread it on Paska bread or Kulich sweet bread. It’s delicious! Sometimes it is difficult to get a completely smooth texture, but a properly made cheese Paska has a velvety, creamy texture. Since your recipe doesn’t use farmer’s cheese (the traditional geese in this dish), it may be easier to get it smooth. I have one I just made in the fridge…can’t wait to eat it!


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