Neiman Marcus Cake

Nov 23


There was a time when all my friends were trading around recipes for Neiman Marcus Cake, Mrs Field’s Cookies, Nordstrom’s cake, etc. Of course these all come with the basic story that someone went to the restaurant, liked the dish, asked for the recipe and was sent the recipe with the bill for some outrageous amount of money, and in revenge the person decided to share it with all her friends. My family has that in a very old recipe, called Oscar’s $100 Cake. These types of recipes are often folklore, but are sometimes true.

Neiman Marcus Cake

1 yellow cake mix (pudding type)

2 eggs beaten

1 Tablespoon H2O

The above mixture will be gummy

Mix & pack into 9×13 pan. Do not grease the pan


8 oz cream cheese

1 stick oleo

2 eggs beaten

1 box powdered sugar

Pour over cake mixture

Bake at 325 for 50-60 minutes

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