1-2-3 Pastry

No tedious sifting, friends, just dip a dry (did you hear that? DRY!) nested measuring cup into the bag of flour. What’s that? You need several cups of flour and would like to use something other than a dry nested measuring cup? I don’t know…Betty, what say you? Betty? Are you there?

First question, who uses a wet measuring cup to measure flour?

Second, what if you use a knife to level the flour? Will that somehow void the warranty??

These questions and more plague the modern baker. Story at 11.

So, here we have another slip out of a Gold Medal Flour bag, this one from a 10 pound bag and therefore worth 4 coupons toward the lovely silverware. As per usual, the slip includes several recipes, just in case someone randomly bought a bag of flour without knowing what to do with it. :-) The recipes on side one include a basic pie crust recipe, Nut Brown Glazed Apple Pie, and Cherry Pie. The Nut Brown Glazed Apple Pie sounds pretty good with it’s walnut topping, but I think I’d follow Gram’s recipe for cherry pie instead of this one. Just my two cents.

Please feel free to right click and copy/paste into your word processing program to enjoy all these 1965 vintage Betty Crocker recipes.

3 thoughts on “1-2-3 Pastry

  1. I don’t think I would ever use liquid cooking oil in place of solid shortening in a pie crust recipe! And I really don’t think I would stir it (if I did use it) as casually as I would stir a cup of coffee. Do I make pie crust with one hand while using the other hand to hold the newspaper and read while listening to the news?

    The dry measuring cup made me laugh! Then I thought that perhaps even Betty didn’t think we were that clueless about baking. Were there ever different measuring cups for wet and dry ingredients? Although 8 oz of liquid is still a cup of liquid…I’m just wondering. I hate to think that Betty thought I would be so inexperienced as to use any old cup I pulled out of my dish pan. And what if my measuring cups don’t nest? Will that ruin my crust? Egads! I don’t what I’ll do! I have NEVER leveled off with a spatula–just a knife! The horror! The humanity! The ridiculous directions!

    Think about these directions for a minute. They assume the reader is an experienced cook because they talk about the “old” methods of sifting, cutting in, yet they treat the cook like an imbecile. Betty, I’m disappointed in your lack of faith in the home baker.


  2. I hate to admit it, but I quite often “eyeball” whether the dry ingredients are level. Uh oh, bad girl! I do know that women used to use teacups and small bowls to measure, so maybe there is some truth the the theory that there used to be different types of measuring cups.


  3. There is a measuring cup for dry ingredients and one for wet; that is what Betty meant in her recipe’s. I see just a simple communication gap here, props to
    Betty! Good luck with your baking!



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