More 1-2-3 Pastry

Sometimes old recipe collections can be hit or miss, and in this instance there are some hits, some clear misses and some question marks. This scan is the back side of the previous 1-2-3 Pastry sheet from the Gold Medal Flour 10 pound bag. You can see at the lower edge where the coupons and silverware order form were cut off at the dotted line. Since it’s is the continuation of 1-2-3 Pastry the theme remains pies. Starting at the top, Lime Meringue Pie looks fairly easy, but I’m not a fan of lime pie, so no thank you. Pecan Pie looks straight forward, not hard or easy, just a basic pecan pie and probably would taste good. Pecan pie is one of my favorites, so I probably wouldn’t turn it away. :-) Strawberry Chiffon Pie sounds a lot like a pie my mother makes with a graham cracker crust and I think this would be delicious! If you didn’t want to crush the strawberries you could slice them into small pieces. Here’s one that is a question mark for me: Jewel Topped Layer Pie. The vanilla pudding base sounds good, and combined with banana it would be yummy, but when you get into the crushed pineapple and covering the whole thing with Jell-o, you lose me. It could be pretty good but I doubt I’d make it. Butterscotch Frozen Pumpkin Pie is another that is on the plus side of the question mark. It could be really good. Seriously, how could you go wrong with pumpkin and vanilla ice cream? Oh, by smothering it with Butterscotch Sauce. I’d probably leave that off.

This concludes our foray into the Better Crocker flour bag recipes, unless I find some more. Hopefully you have found one or two you like. I’ll be keeping that Butterfudge cake in mind, myself.

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