Butterfudge B Side

Welcome back for the back side of our Butterfudge Creations recipe sheet from Betty Crocker. Can I say, right off the bat, that recipe number one up there – Butterfudge Mallow Cake – does not sound at all appetizing to m? It’s the marshmallow frosting. Not to say that I despise marshmallows, but they are not my favorite, and a whole bowl of icing based on marshmallows just sounds sticky and overly sweet to me. So, were I to undertake the baking of this cake, I’d toss the marshmallow icing and use a nice vanilla buttercream instead. The cake itself – Butterfudge cake – sounds like a good start, and the Butterscotch Filling has merit. I might even ask a baker friend of mine her opinion on the filling and how it could even be worked into an icing. Yummmm.

Scrolling down the page we have Butterfudge Pecan Pie. In my opinion, butterfudge and pecan pie might have been made for each other. It’s like a chocolate brownie pie with pecans and a bit of whipped cream on top. Oh my…enjoy!

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