Orange & Pineapple Salad (Aunt Tot)

I don’t know who Aunt Tot could be. Gram’s aunts were Sue, Jessie Marion, Edna, Anna, Helen, and Maggie. Any one of those could have had the cute nickname of Tot. Gram was in fact addressed by her nickname – Pat – her entire life. Only people who didn’t know her called her Katharine.  She told me one time that when she was a child, her father called her “his little Patsy” and it stuck. We called her Grandma Pat when we were little, and friends and neighbors called her Aunt Pat. One of the many clever things Gram did was the “name tag” she put on the little dolls and stuffed animals she made for various children. They were a little scrap of white fabric with a drawing of an ant next to the word Pat. I remember asking her about that one time because I didn’t know folks called her Aunt Pat.

Maybe Aunt Tot was not a relative at all.

Orange & Pineapple Salad (Aunt Tot)

Use orange Jello

1 can shredded pineapple

Grated carrot (raw)

Maraschino cherries

Make a gelatine salad of the above, using 2 pkgs Jello to 1 can pineapple.

4 thoughts on “Orange & Pineapple Salad (Aunt Tot)

  1. I also recall that Gram put the ‘Aunt Pat’ label on the items she made for charity. I know she made oodles of mittens for the hospital until she forgot how. I have a number of stuffed toys with the Aunt Pat moniker.


  2. I have no idea who aunt Tot is. Probably a close friend, sort of like Auntie Tara is not related to Melody. When Gram made this salad she used to call it “Golden Glow” salad. Orange & Pineapple Salad sounds dorky.


  3. I used to make this all the time for pot lucks. A lot of people really like it. Golden Glow triggered the memory. Hummmm… I have a pot luck on Friday…


  4. I think Aunt Tot must have been a cook book or food brand back in the day – I was just googling the name myself because I have a recipe from my grandmother that’s called “Date Cookies Aunt Tot” and found your blog with the same question! I’ll ask my mother – she might know.


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