Turkey Cutlets a la Pat…and Me

I thought I’d give the turkey cutlets recipe a try, and of course I didn’t make it exactly the way it was written. I didn’t have an hour or more to bake it, so I determined to make it stove top. I found some really nice turkey cutlets at our local Sprouts market the other day and picked them up with this recipe in mind. First, I only had 1.5 pounds of turkey – one large cutlet and two medium. I cut the large one in half to ensure it would cook through at the same rate as the smaller ones.

Could be yummy

Next, this recipe did not call for garlic, which I consider to be a national crisis. So I sauteed a little garlic in olive oil. Once the garlic was tender, I dipped the cutlets in flour as directed and browned them in the pan. Next, I added Grill Mates Chicken seasoning, fresh ground pepper and a little salt, and bacon (premade, I did not have fresh to cook). I was skeptical of the ketchup at first, but decided what the heck. I added that and then liberally applied the wine to the turkey…and myself. I happened to have a sauvignon blanc in the fridge, whew! :-)

Definitely yummy

Since the ketchup didn’t really smooth out quickly, I stirred it up with the wine, then covered the pan and simmered at a smidge above medium heat. At 15 minutes I checked it and it needed a little more time. Also, the sauce had cooked down quite a bit so I added about 1/4 cup of water so it wouldn’t dry out and burn. All told it cooked about 25 minutes. The sauce turned out surprisingly tasty, not like ketchup at all.

Serve with rice pilaf and veggies, very yummy!

I served the cutlets with a veggie mix of potatoes, snap peas and carrots. It would also be good with rice pilaf or quinoa. It was all very good and I will make it again. In future, I’ll combine the ketchup and wine separately and whisk them so they make a smooth sauce, and possibly add in the extra water ahead of time. I’d say that we have another successful outing of a recipe from Gram’s Recipe Box!

3 thoughts on “Turkey Cutlets a la Pat…and Me

  1. Good call on the garlic! The sauce looks much better than I would have thought…wine and ketchup just don’t sound like the best combination. Then again….add enough wine and any sauce will be good! Or just add the wine to yourself and you won’t care if you made a weird sauce. ;-)


  2. I made this tonight for the first time since I posted above. This time I used tomato paste because I didn’t have much ketchup. I did as I said I would and whisked the tomato and the wine. I also made a 2 cup batch of the sauce so I woukd have to add while cooking. Also, I used a plastic bag a la shake & bake for the flour and spices. This ensured more even coating. It turned out really nice again and I served with rice pilaf.


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