Tomato & Cheese Salad (Elsie Norton)

Today’s offering is what would be called a Jello salad or gelatin salad. These are not my favorite dishes, but in general I don’t love jello or jellied things. Other people will likely enjoy it, so I’m not judging. I posted one of Gram’s recipes for a similar salad early in the days of this … Continue reading

Pretzel Jello

These two recipe cards appear to have the same recipe for Pretzel Jello. It sounds like a dessert dish made of strawberry jello, cream cheese, Cool Whip, and pretzels. I don’t believe I have eaten this, but I am 100% positive it has been served at church socials and family potlucks nationwide!

Jello Frosting

I’m not entirely sure about this recipe for Jello Frosting. The idea is interesting – a whipped cream frosting with a Jello flavor added to it, but to me it sounds horrible. However, I don’t like whipped cream frosting to start with, so there’s that. Jello Frosting 1 pt cream whipped 1 pkg Jello 1/2 … Continue reading

Festive Cranberry Mold

Dated December 1971, this recipe for a festive cranberry mold is of course for a Jello ring. Cranberries, pineapples, walnuts and tokay grapes all combine in lemon gelatin to bring you a fruity side dish or dessert. The tokay grape hails from Slovakia and Hungary and is used in varieties of pinot gris, sauvignon blanc … Continue reading

Crisp Vegetable Salad

  Here’s a recipe that falls in the “everything’s better with Jello” category, lol. Jello salads were very popular in the 1950s forward and you can find many different recipes in the “Jello” category by clicking the down arrow on the category’s bar. I have to admit I would not look forward to making this … Continue reading

Fruit & Avocado Salad

  When I first read the title of this recipe card, I was a little worried. Fruit AND avocado salad? That can be risky. My mother used to put sliced oranges and avocado into green salad with bleu cheese dressing and it somehow worked. I usually sucked the dressing off the oranges before chewing them … Continue reading

Lemon Jelly

Until this recipe, I have never heard of intentionally putting egg shells into something intended to be eaten, especially something like this. But don’t worry, it seems the brew is strained and the shells removed! One of my favorite parts of this recipe is the direction to put a chair on the table to use … Continue reading