Orange Muffins (H. Lamb)

Here we have a recipe from H. Lamb, whomever she may be. As I mentioned recently, I found a packet of recipes in a curio shop and they have been a great source of material for me! I don’t know who H. Lamb was, but her muffins sound good. Perhaps some of you who are … Continue reading

Cranberry Apple Relish

I love the combination of cranberry and apple together. The tart cranberry is calmed by the sweetness of the apples, but not so sweet it hurts your mouth. In the past I made my own cranberry apple relish using canned cranberries, but now I know how easy it is to make this from scratch. The … Continue reading

Orange & Pineapple Salad (Aunt Tot)

I don’t know who Aunt Tot could be. Gram’s aunts were Sue, Jessie Marion, Edna, Anna, Helen, and Maggie. Any one of those could have had the cute nickname of Tot. Gram was in fact addressed by her nickname – Pat – her entire life. Only people who didn’t know her called her Katharine.  She … Continue reading

Orange Cookies

I don’t recall ever having these, but they sound sweet and somehow refreshing, reminiscent of the lemonade cookies I posted the other day. In all my baking over the past few years, I have always trended toward chocolate or oatmeal treats, and hearing from my baking colleagues they seem to do the same. But, maybe … Continue reading