Fruit & Avocado Salad

  When I first read the title of this recipe card, I was a little worried. Fruit AND avocado salad? That can be risky. My mother used to put sliced oranges and avocado into green salad with bleu cheese dressing and it somehow worked. I usually sucked the dressing off the oranges before chewing them … Continue reading

Salad (Nancy B)

Here is Nancy B’s salad. It is another of the Jello-and-other-stuff variety. I’m not quite sure about the Jello and macaroni portion of this. Could it be a macaroni ring that you put the other salad ingredients inside of? There are many things about this that don’t sound good to me.

Orange & Pineapple Salad (Aunt Tot)

I don’t know who Aunt Tot could be. Gram’s aunts were Sue, Jessie Marion, Edna, Anna, Helen, and Maggie. Any one of those could have had the cute nickname of Tot. Gram was in fact addressed by her nickname – Pat – her entire life. Only people who didn’t know her called her Katharine.  She … Continue reading

Vegetable Supper Salad

Just a quick post today with a recipe from Mernie for a Vegetable Supper Salad. It sounds okay to me without the Jello. I’d like to take all the ingredients and just mix them up in a bowl.  :-)

Cranberry & Orange Salad

Based on a recent comment from my mother, I am surmising that this handwriting belonged to Gram’s mother, Alice Sternberg (1870-1952). I don’t know much about Alice, except that she suffered from glaucoma and was almost blind. She lived with Gram and the family in her declining years when my mom was a girl.