Ham Loaf

I did not grow up in the midwest or east, so this was a relatively new thing for me a few years back when I went to visit family in Ohio. Apparently it’s a recipe my mom eschewed as well, because we certainly had access to ham here, heh.

Ham loaf is along the lines of meatloaf (which really is a loaf made of meat, any kind, we just tend to associate it with beef) but a little more salty. We were at a reception after a funeral and there were four or five different ham loaves there. Some had barbecue sauce, some had glaze. I wanted to try them all because they were so different to me, but traveling on an urgent trip, eating all kinds of foods in restaurants and airports, well, I just couldn’t do it.

I might try ham loaf at some point. It could be interesting. This recipe has a greater quantity than a standard meatloaf made with about a pound of meat. You could halve or even quarter the portion and still yield a nice meal. I’d venture to guess you would cook at 375 until done, maybe 45 min to an hour. Have you had or made ham loaf? Am I close with my time and temp?

Ham Loaf

3 lbs ham

3 lbs fresh pork

2 cups cracker crumbs

6 eggs

milk to soften no milk


1 cup horseradish

3 cups catsup

5 thoughts on “Ham Loaf

  1. I think I have made ham loaf, don’t know where the recipe is. Also you can make salmon loaf, which is very good, similar recipe.


  2. In theory I suppose a ham loaf would be about as good/bad as a meatloaf, but this just sounds utterly vile. There is no seasoning in the loaf and the sauce is just jazzed up catsup which is entirely unappealing. I think the perfect side dish to this would have to be the nasty tomato gelatin “thing” my grandmother served one time.


  3. Six pounds of Ham Loaf..that would feed a crowd..or a big family. I like ham..I would assume that you have to grind up the ham…I am really not much of a cook sometimes..bu my husband makes a mean salmon burger:)


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