Ham and Cheese Croquettes

Well, this is unfortunate. The recipe ingredients are listed, but the method was cut off! Backing up, a croquette is a breaded and fried ball-like item. They are usually round, disc shaped or oval. The insides are generally meat and/or potato. So, it’s similar to a deep fried dumpling I suppose. Croquettes date back hundreds … Continue reading

Bayrische Knoedel

This recipe could alternately be titled Bavarian Dumplings. Bayrische or Bayerische is how you say Bavarian in German apparently. Knoedel are a hugely popular dish throughout Europe, including Bavaria, Germany, Austria, Eastern European countries such as Czechoslovakia, into Ukraine and Belaruse, and even into the Scandinavian countries. Most often made with bread and/or potato, these … Continue reading

Ham BBQ Sauce

This originally made me think it was only for the sauce, but step 3 is for the addition of chopped ham. It doesn’t say how much, unfortunately, so add as much or as little as you feel necessary for your meal.

The Very Merry Party Loaf!

I am 100% certain my mom made this for one or more of her cocktail parties and now I know where she got the recipe. Although it looks like a fancy cake, this is actually a sandwich of sorts. The bread was sliced horizontally and ham salad, cheese salad, and chicken salad spread in between … Continue reading

Pizza Sandwiches

My guess is this recipe has forgotten to tell you to warm, toast or broil these little sandwiches before serving. You aren’t locked into English muffins if you don’t want to use those. A flatbread, half bagel or any other type of bread product could be used. Pizza Sandwiches 1 pound ham browned Add 1 … Continue reading

Ham balls with pineapple sauce

  Thanks to Carol Tucker on Bever Street, we have today’s recipe for Ham Balls with Pineapple Sauce. I don’t know where this combo originated, but the ham & pineapple thing is found everywhere from pizza parlors to cocktail parties. It’s not my favorite, but some people rave over it. To each their own. Who … Continue reading

Party Ham Cassarole (M Baker)

We might be venturing into the realm of the hot dish here, if I’m not mistaken. This sounds like something you take to a potluck party at your local church or women’s club. We’ve got slivered ham, sour cream and mushroom soup, all mixed in with noodles. All you need is a side of macaroni … Continue reading