Lemon Cream Cake (Mrs Marin)

Here is an example of a cake that is actually a pie. The delineation of cakes and pies really solidified in the 19th century, as prior to that cake, pie and pudding were all somewhat interchangeable. Remember the Boston Cream Pie that is baked in cake pans, the Fig Pudding that is boiled and resembles a fruitcake, and here we have a cake that is baked in a pie tin.

Lemon Cream Cake

1 c sugar

1 c milk

1 heaping tbs butter

1 heaping tbs flour

2 eggs (separate and beat yolks together, beat whites together)

Juice & rind of 1 large lemon (zest the rind)

Cream butter & sugar. Add flour & beaten egg yolks, rind & juice of lemon. Add milk & lastly beaten egg whites. Stir well. Pour into unbaked crust. Bake in slow oven. To test when done, shake pan. If ingredients do not move, it is done. 1 small pie.

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