Fruit Salad (From Geneva)

This typed up recipe card was taped into a book. Hopefully there isn’t anything on the back side because it would have ripped either the book or the card to remove it. But, it seems like a complete recipe for an interesting pudding fruit salad. I don’t know if you would put this in a mould or just leave it in a bowl or what. What do you think, readers?

Fruit Salad (From Geneva)

1 reg Cool Whip

1 pkg (sm) Butter Pecan Instant Pudding

1 cup butermilk

Mix together the above 3

1 can mandarin oranges (drained)

1 can pineapple bits or chunks (drained)

Green or red grapes and 3 bananas (I assume you chop up the bananas)

Add above fruits. Half an hour before serving, ad 1/2 package chocolate covered graham crackers broken into small pieces

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