Poppy Seed Roll Cake Dough

Poppy Seed Roll cake dough

From the kitchen of F. Kotch

Poppy Seed Roll cake dough back

Completion of the method

There in the corner, where it says “from the kitchen of…” is one of the wonderful aspects of these old recipe cards I love. People traded recipes after they had tried a sampling of someone’s cooking. In this example, we assume that F. Kotch had these roll/cakes at some sort of gathering, maybe even a church function. People liked them, they asked for the recipe, and it was shared. The tagline of this website is “the original social networking” for this reason. People were social, they networked, they shared of themselves and their food openly. We don’t see enough of this today, in my opinion. We have websites and recipe shares, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but we don’t really have block parties anymore, cookouts with the whole neighborhood, or potlucks like in “the good old days.” Certainly these things continue to happen, but I think younger generations specifically are missing out on these social opportunities. And by nature of this website, I’m participating in the digitalization of socializing, I guess. :-)

Poppy Seed Roll Cake Dough (F. Kotch)

7 c flour

4 eggs

1 1/2 c sugar

1 1/2 tsp vanilla

2 1/2 tsp BP

1/2 c cream

1 c Crisco

1/2 c butter

Mix together all dry ingredients. Add shortening & butter. Add eggs & cream. Mix until dough leaves hand clean. Roll out in flour. Place on greased pan (after putting on filling & rolling) Use 1 egg beaten stiff to brush for shining crust.

350 – 375 oven

25-35 minutes



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