Verne’s Basic Dough for Nut Roll or Prune Bread

Vernes Basic Dough for Nut Roll

I wonder who Verne was?

Veernes Basic Dough back

Detailed directions for basic dough

Bread and dough, and pretty much anything involving yeast and rising, are not something I have tackled yet in my cooking odyssey. At least, not outside of a bread machine. This particular recipe is stepped out with clear directions. Once the dough is ready to be baked, it will be made into smaller pieces and a filling such as a nut or fruit gel added to the center. Coming soon we will look at a filling recipe from Verne.

Verne’s Basic Dough for Nut Roll or Prune Bread

1 1/2 c scalded milk

1 cup sugar

2 yeast cakes

1/2 lb soft margarine

4 beaten eggs

6 1/2 – 7 cups flour

1 tsp salt

1. Mix scalded milk and sugar, and let cool

2. Add yeast and let set

3. Add 3 c flour. Let raise 1 hour

4. Add margarine

5. Add eggs, flour salt. Mix until hands come clean. Put in warm place to raise until pot is full or double. About 2 hours. Now you can put this in the refrigerator until you wish to use it. (It will keep 3-4 days)

Let rest for 1/2 hour on the table after you have rolled & filled them. Bake 350 – 35 min.

Bus with egg before putting in oven



3 thoughts on “Verne’s Basic Dough for Nut Roll or Prune Bread

  1. You’re scared of yeast, but it’s really not intimidating. I keep thinking I need to have a baking party with you to get you over this irrational fear. And waffles. I have to get you making amazing waffles (I have your Maryland Cream Waffles recipe on my fridge).


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