Harvest Fluff Frosting


In the past I have expressed my distaste for uncooked egg frostings, and here’s another one. This is going to be a meringue style frosting to top perhaps a spice cake or pumpkin cake, given the “harvest” title.

Harvest Fluff Frosting

Beat 1 egg white with dash of salt until stiff but not dry. slowly add 1/3 c dark corn syrup beating constantly. Beat until frosting holds its shape. Add 1/2 teas vanilla. Decorate with chopped nuts. All measurements level.

3 thoughts on “Harvest Fluff Frosting

  1. That much corn syrup and only 1 egg white does not sound like harvest fluff frosting to me–more like harvest sticky melting globs of salmonella. I’m envisioning this turning up on Cake Wrecks. I can’t even picture this sticking to a layer cake. It would have to be a cake in a pan with sides to contain it. This just isn’t doing it for me.


    • That is an interesting idea. I have not seen that on modern cakes but that definitely was a method of icing in history. I have Martha Washington’s recipe for a cake that has the icing baked on.


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