Pear Salad


I mentioned recently that pears are getting close to harvest, so here is another pear recipe. I am in the dark as to what “cheese dressing” may be. This doesn’t actually sound very good to me.

Pear Salad

Pare pears, cut in halves, remove cores & fill hollows from which cores were removed with cream cheese. Put cheese side down on nests of lettuce leaves, sprinkle with paprika, put clove in each end to simulate stem & blossom & serve with cheese dressing.

4 thoughts on “Pear Salad

  1. Cheese dressing, huh? Perhaps it’s bleu cheese. Dressing you would put on cheese–like mayo on a cheese sandwich? Mayo on pears sounds repulsive, but perhaps blue cheese would be okay. That would be a lot of creamy dairy products on a little old pear and I’m wondering why paprika is used. When I think of pears, I don’t think Wow! let’s put some paprika on that!


  2. Thank you for your awesome blog dedicated to heirloom recipes. Some of my most treasured items are handwritten recipes from my grandother. Keep up the great work!


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