Pear Salad

  I mentioned recently that pears are getting close to harvest, so here is another pear recipe. I am in the dark as to what “cheese dressing” may be. This doesn’t actually sound very good to me. Pear Salad Pare pears, cut in halves, remove cores & fill hollows from which cores were removed with … Continue reading

Steak Paprika with Noodles

These two little slips of paper were in the same packet, but not together. I’m glad I figured out that they go together, because this could be a very nice dish. We looked at Chicken Paprika last July (and reader Cat made it one night!), but this is pretty different. Remember, good paprika burns twice, … Continue reading

Chicken Paprika

If you like paprika but don’t like bell peppers, well think again. Paprika is derived from the grinding of dried bell peppers. Paprika is widely available and the main producer is Hungary, which is why it is often associated with Hungarian cooking, such as goulash, but it’s used all over the world in various dishes. … Continue reading