Pear Salad

  I mentioned recently that pears are getting close to harvest, so here is another pear recipe. I am in the dark as to what “cheese dressing” may be. This doesn’t actually sound very good to me. Pear Salad Pare pears, cut in halves, remove cores & fill hollows from which cores were removed with … Continue reading

Frozen Fruit Salad

Here’s another sweet salad that seems more like a dessert to me. My mother wrote out this recipe, and I think I can remember eating it as a kid. I believe she would freeze the smaller containers and bring them out for various occasions.  While I don’t have any distinct memories of liking or disliking … Continue reading

Overnight Salad

This recipe for an Overnight Salad really reminds me of what we called Ambrosia. I think my sister got sick after eating it – coincidentally – and so we didn’t have it again. So this overnight salad seems to me like something for a potluck. Double cream isn’t something as readily available to us these … Continue reading

Blueberry Crisp

Since it’s spring, here’s a fruity and sweet dessert you could also serve at a brunch. Blueberry crisp – reminds me of poor ol’ George eating that worm again. :-) Blueberry Crisp (Nancy B) 4 c fresh berries 1/3 c sugar 2 tsp lemon juice In bottom of pan 4 tbsp margarine 1/3 c brown … Continue reading

Cherry Pie

This pie recipe is written on a bank deposit slip. It’s a little hard to decipher and it looks as though Gram wrote it in a hurry. I’m not clear on the process but could probably figure it out after a few tries. My guess is that “p juice” might be pineapple juice. The recipe … Continue reading