Fried Fish

Item number 4 from Maggie Ritchie’s book is a recipe for Fried Fish. I can’t quite make out one of those first words, which is the name of a fish. If you have an idea, just make a comment.

Fried Fish

Take a plaice (?) or a haddock fillet it. Well wash it, dry it & dip each piece into a little flour. Have a well beaten egg. Dip small pieces of the fish into this, then toss them into oatmeal or bread crumbs. Have a saucepan of fat on the fire quite hot. Dip the fish into this and fry it for a few minutes. 2 1/2 to 3 minutes is long enough. The tests when the fat is hot enough, are that a blue steam arises from it & it is quite still. Remember when you take it up always strain it, on a piece of blotting paper. This mode of frying is called wet frying.

2 thoughts on “Fried Fish

  1. I think she’s talking about white fish, such as cod, grouper and haddock. So I think the fish in the recipe is Perch. That’s a white non oilly fish that was readidly vailable in most rivers, streams and ponds.


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