New Page for Holiday Recipes!

I just wanted to add a quick post announcing a whole page here on Gram’s Recipe Box dedicated to vintage and heirloom holiday recipes! I am excited about this because there are certain foods that to me announce the arrival of the winter holidays and populate the plates during the many family get togethers and cocktail parties to be expected from November through January. While there are certainly many more holiday dishes than can be imagined, I wanted to have some of the main stays all on one page, making it easier for YOU to find what you might be looking for. Whether it is a recipe or six for fruit cake, three different cranberry sauces, or a menu for your next casual party, click the link above my avatar that says “Vintage Holiday Recipes” to access the new page. There you will find links to some of our most popular recipes and posts.

As always, thanks for visiting Gram’s Recipe Box! I do this for you, so if there is ever a comment or question that you want answered, please let me know!



One thought on “New Page for Holiday Recipes!

  1. i used to have a wonderful recipe for pumpkin pie that came from an old A&P can. Instead of using gelatin, one separated the egg whites and egg yolks, beat the egg whites and folded them into the rest of the batter which contained the egg yolks. I’ve tried “very hard ” to find this recipe(which I lost after a move), but I can’t find it anywhere.. I think I could resolve the problem, except I wouldn’t know what temperature to bake it at, and for how long. Have you any ideas? Marilyn Levy


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