Maggie’s Index

Although it has taken me a while to transcribe the entire booklet written by Maggie Ritchie, I have enjoyed it and hope you have too. The index pages above were at the back of her booklet and list the 30 items in alphabetical order. I hope that Maggie used these recipes to establish her own … Continue reading

Chocolate Shape

This recipe from Maggie Ritchey might remind you of one of her previous entries, Corn Flour Shape, but I bet it doesn’t taste all that bad. In fact, I suspect this would taste lovely. It is chocolate, after all. It sounds like a pudding, but not in the traditional sense that it was boiled in … Continue reading

Boiled Potatoes

Along with the recipe for boiled green vegetables, I never really thought I’d need a recipe to boil potatoes. This is something my mom did with some regularity as we were growing up, but I guess if a person had never ventured into the kitchen, a quick and dirty on how to boil potatoes is … Continue reading

Jelly Cake

This recipe for jelly cake is quite similar to the previous one for a Swiss roll, in that the cakes are spread with jelly rather than icing. It sounds delicious. Jelly Cake Put into a basin 2 teacupful flour rub into this 2 oz butter with a pinch salt. Put into another basin the yolkes … Continue reading


This recipe for curry calls for chutney as one of the ingredients. These days we tend to think of chutney as a preserve or sweet condiment, but historically chutney can vary in sweetness, texture, ingredients and level of spice. Chutney comes from India and Pakistan, and can be vastly different from one side of the … Continue reading