Deanno’s Cranberry Salad

Here is a recipe that has been used. The paper is spotted with spills and splashes, and several swipes from a dish rag used to wipe up whatever it was that spilled. I think I might have had something like this at some point, but the jello salad thing seems to have passed out of vogue for the time being.

Deanno’s Cranberry Salad (makes lots)

1 orange unpeeled

1 16 oz can whole cranberries

1 16 oz can crushed pineapple

1 pkg cherry/raspberry jello (lg)

2 cups liquid (juice & water)

1 cup pecans/walnuts

Grind orange. Combine with cranberries & pineapple. Drain, measure liquid. Bring 1 cup liquid to boil, add jello & dissolve. Cool, add rest of liquid. Mix with fruit & nuts. Pour into cups mold, refrigerate until firm.

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