Happy Blog-iversary, Gram’s!

A little over a year ago I received the gift of my grandmother’s recipe box, which turned itself into this site. March 21st marks the day I launched Gram’s Recipe Box, and shortly thereafter I registered the domain name, making this more than just another vintage recipe blog. I’ve seen other sites pick up on the trend, including CNN. There is no question that people want a meal “just like mother used to make.”

In the past year, I have enjoyed making many of the recipes included in the original recipe box, as well as a few others. The comments from readers have been overwhelmingly positive and I thank you all for helping to make Gram’s Recipe Box into the thriving resource for vintage and heirloom recipe lovers that it is today.

A few fun stats from the past year:

Icicle pickles were the most popular recipe for many months until the holidays and Mince Meat Cookies surpassed them by a third more visits.

The recipe for Oscar’s $100 Cake had a surge in popularity right around the Academy Awards season, heh.

Our busiest day had over 1000 visitors.

The #1 outgoing link was to a picture of marinaded short ribs.

The #1 incoming link (site that sent me traffic) was Far Side of Fifty (thanks Connie!).

Thank you everyone for keeping these heirlooms popular and available to all who wish to read and make them. There is no question that good food will always be popular!

Some things to look forward to in 2011 are newspaper clippings and the interesting things captured on the back, more handwritten recipes from a variety of contributors, cooking ephemera, and of course the how-to’s I write when I make something (to include photos of my 4-year-old daughter and yes, the food).


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