Corn Flour Shape

I have eaten “corn flour shape.” It is bland, but it can be spruced up with a topping such as fruit, as suggested in this recipe. It’s also gluten free for those who need an interesting dessert that will work with a GF diet. When she says to pour this into a shape, she means a jello mold. I have read that the number of jello molds a kitchen had spoke to the wealth of the household because it was very difficult to keep jello cold, and they did not want to waste food. Secondly, you probably would use vanilla extract here for the flavoring. This is similar to corn starch pudding and I wonder if it really is just a chilled pudding in a mold.

Corn Flour Shape

Put into a saucepan 2 breakfast cupful milk & allow it to boil. Break in a basin with a little cold milk 2 tablespoonful corn flour 1 tablespoonful sugar, a few drops flavouring. When the milk boils pour it on to the corn flour stir thoroughly & return it to the saucepan & cook for 5 minutes. Dip a shape into cold water, pour the corn flour into it & set it aside to get quite cold. Then turn it on to a glass dish & serve with either jelly or stewed fruit, such as apples, pears, etc.


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