Green Noodle Salad (Jane Kelley)

Thanks to Jane Kelley, you will soon be able to feed a large group! I did not know Jane, but she left a rather beautiful recipe box behind and I managed to find it at a curio shop. It’s larger than a standard recipe box, solid maple with dovetailed corners, and “Recipes” on the front in what looks like that hot iron tool that boys played with in woodshop while we girls were over in home ec, lol. It is laquered to a glossy finish, and there’s a custom divider inside as well. I do wonder if this is something that was made for her with love because of the fine craftsmanship. I am honored to have Jane’s recipe box.

Green Noodle Salad (Jane Kelley)

(Good to feed a large group)

Green spinach noodles (cooked)

Chopped green onions

Chopped green pepper

Add chunked white tuna, chicken or turkey

Mix all ingredients together

Season with salad dressing of your choice, i.e. Italian – with a little vinegar added to make the salad more tart

Serve chilled

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